"My inspiration for these products is nothing new. I comb through old museum catalogs, I sneak into old churches, and smell the spines of old books. I guess it’s that old stuff that gets me. Those pieces from a time when everything was curly, floral, and covered in gold. The world moves too fast to live like that anymore. That decadence from the turn of the century has died, and I can’t bring it back no matter how many episodes of Boardwalk Empire I watch.

What I can do, is try my darnedest to bring some of that aesthetic back through these products in my shop. I'm interested in making stuff that stands out from the expected rectangle of screen printed posters. Stuff that doesn't necessarily need a frame. Something with a unique outline- a silhouette that feels vaguely nostalgic, and reminds you of that time when Gramps brought out his box of old stuff from the war and got all twinkly-eyed with his stories".

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