"Cindy Leper is an independent jewelry brand based in Bologna, Italy.
My aim is to conjugate the italian artisanal tradition of my family and a modern dark, edgy aesthethics.
Simple and clean geometries, black and white, fine wood essences, unusual materials are the main components of my work.

The brand Cindy Leper works to harmonize refinement, sustainability and design. The starting unusual and semi-preciuos materials are largely recycled, derived from production waste, or FSC certified, therefore they come from fair and sustainable cultures; later, they are processed manually within the company.
The objects, once completed, are treated in a way as natural as possible, respecting biocompatibility; on the other hand, with technological processes that improve features as strength and aesthetics.
The brand adopts precise criteria for quality and ecological and social sustainability.
The distinctively basic approach of the brand also includes keeping themselves out of certain advertising channels and distribution, that represent an unnecessary and waivable expense: for customers, this results in a more realistic and affordable pricing policy."