"Inspiration: Growing up in the country as a free roaming wild child, as long as I can remember I have been called by the mysteries of the natural world. Rabbit prints in the snow, an empty locust's shell hanging from the bark of a tree, a snake's skin shed & left behind. The sacred geometry of a crystal. By rocks & rust & treasures buried deep in the ground. In attempt to answer this ancient call, I began exploring ways to craft metals around these specimans to create talismans that I am so happy to be able to share with you.

My metal work follows this call, trapping goedes & naturally formed rocks & minerals. casting found objects in homage to nature's divine order & perfection. I enjoy making things that look as though they may have been unearthed in anthropological dig or ferried up from a wreck at the bottom of the ocean. Allowing you to create your own magical story and meaning around each piece".