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Borås, Sweden


Katie Metcalfe is a professional English writer, blogger, poet and editor with over 10 years experience in the literary and publishing sectors in the UK and Scandinavia.

Her work is greatly influenced by Arctic and Subarctic culture, peoples, history and landscapes.
The Arctic and the catastrophic impact of its thawing forms the basis for much of her poetry.

As an active performance poet, she has had the privilege to perform at literary events across the UK, Canada, Norway and Sweden. She writes widely on Scandinavian culture and lifestyle, taking from her experience of living in Norway for a year, and Sweden for almost two years. As well as her extensive travels in Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

Katie also seeks inspiration from the occult, northern folklore, witchcraft and paganism.

Mental health and its impact on the self and society also feature heavily in her work. She specializes in writing about anorexia nervosa, depression, ocd, anxiety, hypochondria, paranoia and bi-polar. Her experience in this field also extends to therapy and healing, and she has written extensively on using writing as a self-help tool.