Iron Moon

Iron Moon


Handforged, whrought iron wrapped in black linen. Adorned with one lotus seed. To honour your inner vision and strength. Adjustable textile neck tie attached with black hemp cord.
Each item is made to order and will vary slightly. No two pieces are ever exactly the same.

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Sacred organic LOTUS SEEDS promotes spiritual growth, knowledge and prosperity as well as the ability to overcome obstacles on the path to liberation. This is due to the lotus flowers true nature. While growing through muddy waters it´s not letting rain droplets stick to the petals but rather fall peacefully back into the water. The flower maintains its peace, beauty and purity through all obstacles it faces, and does not allow itself to be distracted from the external world.

IRON, a core element of the earth, considered highly protective and anchoring. Iron is connected to courage, strength, resilience and to reject malevolent energies.

By Pochaunted

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++ Made to order, please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.