"rabbitbonesx was officially opened in July 2016 by myself, Natasha Rose. The aim? To create alternative pieces of jewellery using only precious metals and the occasional gemstone. 

The craft was learnt at the university of creative arts in Rochester from 2008-2011 where I studied silversmithing, goldsmithing and jewellery. The subject was actually chosen completely randomly from a list of university subjects (not something I would recommend!) after being put off the idea of working towards becoming a veterinary nurse.

After 6 years of working at my parents bakery in Herne Bay (a small seaside town in Kent) my boyfriend gave me the much needed nudge towards the jewellery bench. Since picking it back up, I cannot believe I didn't pursue it sooner!

so, why Rabbitbonesx? As you can imagine, this is a question which gets asked a lot! Aswell as "does it contain rabbit bones?!" No, it does not contain any rabbit bones! I actually like to think all the jewellery is vegan friendly! At this moment in time I have three pet rabbits, all house rabbits..simba, Marty and Olaf. Everyone knows me as "the crazy rabbit lady" so having rabbit in the name was a no-brainer! The Bonesx half came after a lot of brain storming. Being someone who is drawn to skulls and anything gothic, bonesx just seemed to click!"