Holy Oil

Holy Oil


Fragranced oil used to dress candles, the body, and to perform rituals, 1/2 fl. oz. (14.7ml).

Voodoo Night - Use to remove the power of enemies in order to protect yourself

Run Devil Run - Use to scare off any evil spirits or negativity from your home and business or to remove any spells or hexes placed on you or loved ones.

Horseshoe - Use for good luck and to attract good health protection and love.

Holy Death - A personification of death, she is associated with healing, protection, and safe delivery to the afterlife by her devotees.

Black Art - Use to remove all evil, black magic or spells sent to you and return it back to the sender.

Mummy - Use to help get rid off any spirit that could be disturbing the peace in your home and business.

Protection - Use to protect yourself from any harm or evil spells or hexes from enemies.

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