Palo Santo Spell Bundle

Palo Santo Spell Bundle


The Spell Bundles are crafted in-house with ceremony and intention. Featuring a Palo Santo cleansing stick, a 4 Directions herb blend, white sustainable (and orangutan habitat safe!) palm wax candle, and a crystal. Simple instructions on how to use this bundle are included, but we encourage you to customize it as you see fit. This bundle will provide provisions for a spell to bring energies to you - love, abundance, health, monetary gain, protection…

The bundles are created with the intention that you put your own energy and intuition into the ritual, however they can be easily used by a beginner and are great for experienced practitioners alike.

Each bundle can vary naturally but measure approximately 3-4.”

By Ritualcravt

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**Please note: you will receive one bundle but crystals and string color may vary. We generally use citrine, clear quartz, and amethyst crystals, string can vary from earth colors to bright. Herbs are blended depending upon intention and moon cycles.