Rituals Dusting Powder

Rituals Dusting Powder


*How to use as Perfume : sprinkle a small amount in hands or on a powder puff and apply to dry skin (start at your shoulders and work down your arms gently patting, repeat on legs). Works great after a shower - or gently rub into pulse points.

*How to use as dry shampoo : add a small amount to hands and work through hair starting at roots, or sprinkle directly into hair

Other great uses? clothing/bedding/yoga mat/sleeping bags to freshen 'em up and it works great sprinkled in shoes to prevent 'summer-feet' smell.


The scent is floral, but not 'sweet' - dry earth and a subtle, rich spiciness

You will also find a small crystal inside each canister which helps to prevent caking as well as focus your energies/intentions.

By Osteal

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