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Colorado, United States


“Hello, I'm Missy Luxe Rhysing, the owner and founder of Ritualcravt. I opened RC as an alternative to New Age and metaphysical stores as I was having trouble finding goods that appealed to me. I believe in sustainable and ethical sourcing, small batch making and handcrafting, and magic that works. Ritualcravt is an alchemy of all of those things, curated especially for dark hearts and folks who understand the liminal nature of our world. My hope is that this endeavor gives everyone who finds it an opportunity to explore an alternative to patriarchal, oppressive religions; and opens people up to all that is possible when we go back to a way of working magic that is indigenous to all cultures: low magic, folk magic, and earth-based ways of healing. Ritualcravt is grateful and humbled to serve you and yours”.

- Missy Luxe Rhysing