"Early on, my drive for creative endeavors was apparent, and has only grown stronger. My creative spark began as a young child with drawing - 6am every morning before the rest of the house would be awake - with cartoons on. I later fell in love with photography, and eventually my outlets expanded to many different mediums over time. (Currently I'm completely head over heels for printmaking.)

It wasn't until I experienced a sort of "self enlightenment" that I truly began to understand myself as an artist. Interestingly enough, I realized my aesthetics for art have always been the same - growing up, I was fascinated with oddities, insects, anatomy, etc. I had an eye for the dark and mysterious (I've always worn a lot of black). My taste in photographic influence was the same- Francesca Woodman, Sally Mann and Diane Arbus. The majority of my influences growing up were, and continue to be, women. I started getting into punk rock in middle school. Listening to music has always been an vital part of my artistic process, so I can imagine my musical aesthetic has something to do with my visual manifestations. Lately I've been increasingly interested in the moon. I am also interested in the power of images, and iconoclasm. I often find myself contemplating the poetic and the prosaic, indifference and desire, mystery and imagination. Language is sometimes a component expressed in my work.

When my energies cannot easily be put into words, they are rather displayed through the visual."